Happy Chick
Happy Chick

Happy Chick is one such popular emulator, which can be used to play hundreds of famous and not so popular games one device for free. One can use an emulator to play popular games from various consoles, one personal device like an android phone, iOS phone, tablets, windows pc, etc. 

Finding a playing variety of games form different consoles is quite a catch for the gamers these days. Now having all the consoles with oneself is not something that everyone can afford. So doe’s that mean that they cannot play the Nintendo or Xbox one game everyone is raving about? The answer is yes! 


It always better to know the reasons why one emulator is better than the other. Thus, the following features state the reason that makes Happy Chick special among the others.

Both the APK file and the games supported by it can be easily installed with just one click. And since Happy Chick helps a lot of games, it reduces any troubles in playing a variety of games.

  • Easy installation

Both the APK file and the games supported by it can be easily installed with just one click. And since Happy Chick helps a lot of games, it reduces any troubles in playing a variety of games.

  • Storage in the cloud

All the various types of games and applications that are supported by the Happy Chick platform have cloud storage. Thus there is no problem in accessing the apps and games through a third party.

  • Saving and syncing

The emulator syncs and saves the data in the cloud, so even if the current device is not available for the use, with the help of data saved in the cloud, the games can be played from where it was left in any other device. 

  • Supports multiplayer

Playing with friends and family adds to the fun while playing games. The emulator also supports an online multiplayer option, where the game can be recorded and shared with others through internet connection and Bluetooth.

  • Gamepad customization

Game maps can be customized to have a better experience and control of the game. While playing games on this platform, there are no restrictions that will ruin the fun of playing the game.

  • Console integration

The emulator is capable of supporting around 18 varieties of gaming console and has complete compatibility. With such compatibility, many games can be downloaded, such as Nintendo GBC, GBD, etc. This is one of the features that make Happy Chick a particular emulator, as many times, the gaming consoles may not work correctly in other emulators.

  • LAN supported

Happy Chick emulator can work in a local server. Friends and family can have fun together playing games supported by the same LAN working with the same Wi-Fi connectivity.

How to use Happy Chick app

Playing supported console games in a device is very simple. The following points will show how to play games using the emulator.

  • After installing and opening the Happy Chick application, next is to complete the setup procedure and sign-up if necessary. Or can directly move to the homepage and look for games from the different categories available.
  • Decide on the type of console that is suitable and look for the games that are available under that console. After the game is chosen, then click on ‘download/get.’
  • The emulator directly installs after the game is downloaded, and if it fails in doing so, then by clicking on ‘search for download sources,’ look for manual links of the game.
  • When the installation completes, the next step is to choose a gamepad that is suitable for the game. The gamepads are the controllers of the game. Click on ‘search GAMESIR’ to choose from free gamepads and ‘search other’ to install customized controllers.
  • After the previous step, the installed game will appear in a couple of seconds, and the game can be played using the chosen gamepad.

Using the above points, unlimited games can be easily downloaded in a device that has the emulator and enough space to support the game data.

  • Cheat in Happy Chick- there are no cheats available in the emulator. All the games that are supported are its protected versions.
  • Rotating the screen-The Happy Chick version1.2.9 allows both vertical and horizontal screening. The following steps can be used to rotate screen:
  1. To have automatic rotation, from the settings turn on the ‘Automatic Rotation’.
  2. To have a fixed screen angle while using Happy Chick, then from the setting option, click on ‘Screen rotation’ and select vertical/horizontal as the default screen angle
  • Changing language- in the newer version of the emulator (V1.2.9), the language can be changed. Usually, the language can be changed individually for most of the games from their settings. But if any error is faced, then from the settings in the Happy Chick app, the language can be changed to the preferred language. This way, all the games that are installed will be in the preferred language. 

Happy Chick App information

  • App name: Happy Chick
  • Version: 1.7.9 [22.04.19]
  • size:  57960 KB (57.96 MB)
  • Cost: free
  • Operating system: Android/iOS

How to install

Installing Happy Chick is easy and free of any cost for both android and iOS devices.


The steps that one needs to follow to install happy chick emulator on ones iOS device are:

  • The application happy chick is supported by devices higher than version 10. Firstly download the happy chick. IPA file forms the download link.
  • If one has a jailbroken device, then one can click on the install to start the installation.
  • If one does not have a jailbroken device, then one needs to go to phone device management, click on the Xiaojing developer’s certificate, and click on the trust option.
  • Then one can let the application access the device’s location.
  • The installation will start soon after that, which can be seen on the application tray


The following steps will help in downloading the APK file for the android devices.

  • The game, Happy Chick is supported in gadgets that are android version 4.0 and above.
  • The device must have the current version of the emulator.
  • If Happy Chick is already installed n the device, then it will keep updating itself automatically.
  • The first time installation procedure may cause some issues and errors.
  • The first step is to check the browser setting in the device and to ensure that the device will allow unknown source installations to download the APK file without any errors.
  • The next step is to check and run the APK file that is downloaded in the android device.

Download for


Downloading happy chick on one’s ios device, the user can search for an IPA file. Find an IP file link and click on it to download it directly on to the device. After downloading the file, one can easily install it using the steps mentioned above.


Downloading the happy chick emulator for one’s android device, one can download the apk file for the emulator. Download the apk file and then install it on the device using the steps mentioned in the installation process.